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Healthy Eating in Hallandale Beach FL: Om’echaye Kitchen

Healing with Wholefoods

  • Daily, homemade gourmet meals
  • Made only with fresh premium ingredients
  • Delicious, nutritive, balanced and smart

The Om'echaye Kitchen is dedicated to offering a nourishing food diet, rich in fresh, balanced, natural, whole and unrefined ingredients. Our food is comprised of some of the rarest and most exotic ingredients found in nature, combined to form unexpected and elegant dishes. We understand you crave more from your food than what is offered at most restaurants. Thus, our commitment to both flavor and health has driven us to create an unparalleled menu that will not only satisfy your appetite, but will also energize, revitalize and refresh you from the inside out. Our unique ingredients –knowledge, love and good intentions– are infused into every recipe; and they are cooked by people that prepare and serve the food from their heart. You could choose from one of our signature smoothies, salads, wraps, soups or scrumptious baked meals (see menu here). Enjoy them at our casual cafe setting, take them to your home or office, or have them catered to your next event. Open daily from 8am to 8pm.

For orders call 954-456-6970. Preview Menu

Take Out: order for your home and office

When you are at the office craving for healthy food and there are no healthy options around, you know you can count on us.  Pick up nourishing, healthy and innovative dishes and snacks to make your day very productive. Our Take-Out service is great for lunch, mid-day snacks or group meetings at work. In addition, you can pick up healthy and wholesome dinners before heading home  - perfect if you don’t have time to cook. We have several natural, home-made frozen meal options for you to share with your family.

For orders call 954-456-6970. Preview Menu

OM' Diet: Weekly Meal Plan

Om'echaye's Weekly Meal Plans are the perfect solution for those with a busy lifestyle and those who want to lose weight. We offer homemade, freshly prepared meals and snacks for every occasion of the day. We will plan together the right Weekly Meal Plan for you, so that you are in control of your choices and always have healthy food ready to eat.

Call 954-456-6945/52 for a personal nutritional planning session.

Catering: Delicious and beautiful banquets

When planning your next party (birthday, bar and bat mitzvah, wedding, celebration dinner) and event Om’echaye can help, creating the most memorable and distinctive buffets. Choose from a wide variety of healthy dishes for every occasion (breakfast, lunch and dinner), presented beautifully. We can assure your guests will remember and talk about it forever.

For Catering Services call 954-456-6970.