Beatriz Wilensky

1B3Beatriz Henig de Wilensky started developing her passion for body movement at a very young age, when she began to study drama and ballet. Beatriz became a Professional Classic dancer and teacher at the age of 20. After graduating from Universidad de Buenos Aires as a Public Accountant (PA), Beatriz and her husband started an Environment Protection Filtration Business, where she had the opportunity to manage a company with more than 100 employees for 25 years. The strong desire to improve her lifestyle and release the stress of being a mother, a spouse and a carreer woman led Beatriz to study PNL (Neurolinguistic Programming). At the same time, she became an assistant at the Foundation Rio Abierto (Argentina), where she took classes, courses and seminars related to expressive movement, and got certified in psycho-corporal techniques for human development.

All these experiences inspired Beatriz to envision a place where people can understand how to align body, mind and spirit through the vital expressive movements: yoga, meditation, music, dance, massage and healing. In 2001 Beatriz and her family moved to Miami, where she discovered Iyengar Yoga through the teachings of Rosa Lopez. Beatriz found in this practice a new path to heal her back pain and still her mind. In 2006, Beatriz completed the Iyengar Teacher Training program. In 2008, Beatriz and her children Magali and Javier joined forces with Alex Cohen and Susan Farkas to create OM’ECHAYE. She is now making her vision a reality, sharing her dream with the community.