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Cosmetic Injections

At the medical spa of Om'echaye we believe that a combination of techniques and products is best for achieving a natural look. We make all of the following products available in our Hallandale beauty spa:

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Our Doctor: Anna Sottile M.D brings to her practice 30 years of medical and cosmetic experience, encompassing all leading injectables including neurotoxins (better known as “botox”) and hyaluronic acid (known as “fillers”) as well as pain management.

The Italian-born Dr. Sottile has extensive training and experience in facial anatomy and injectibles from medical centers of leading universities in the world including Brown and Harvard. Her treatments are custom tailored to each client. She takes extra care and time to ensure the best possible result, even offering to do a followup visit if desired to review the result after the fillers have settled in, all at no extra charge for the visit.

Dr.Sottile is a published author and has been named “Best Doctor” by Better Living Magazine, “Top Doctor” in the Peers Review and “America’s Top Physician” by Consumers Research Council. She is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Medicine




Belotero® is one of the lightest prescription dermal fillers available. Sometimes called the “starter filler,” it is perfect for younger skin that needs an introduction to heavier fillers like Juvéderm. It’s ideal for reduction of minor fine lines around the lips, corners of the mouth, nasolabial folds (the folds or wrinkles that go from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth), and minor marionette lines (the lines from the corners of your mouth down toward your jawline).


Juvéderm® is a family of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used to provide 9 months to one year of correction for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth).


Kybella® replicates a substance your body makes that helps to absorb fats. Deoxycholic acid is injected into your skin to destroy fat cells in the chin and jawline. Kybella® is used to help decrease the chin fat that hangs below the chin or jaw to remove your double-chin and contour your jawline, without surgery.


Perlane® is a powerful medical-grade injectable filler used to fill facial lines and wrinkles. During the procedure, your certified injection specialist will inject the substance into specific facial areas. To obtain your preferred results, you may need multiple treatments.

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