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Published March 12th, 2020 by

Taking care of yourself starts from prevention, there are many things you can do to improve you overall health, at Om'echaye we believe that the 360 experience is meant not only to make you happy, but also to make you healthier. If you’re over age 65, here’s what you can do to strengthen your immune system and prevent the flu and its complications.

DANCE: Believe it or not there are 4 ways dancing will help you build a strong immune system:  

  1. It fights disease: Most people know about the physical benefits of dance. However, fewer are aware of how it can support the immune system’s ability to fight off germs. The benefits of exercise start to accumulate once physical activity becomes a routine habit. Studies show moderate to vigorous exercise reduces the risk of upper respiratory tract infections, including the common cold. Regular dance sessions have also been shown to lower blood fat and bad cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.
  2. Anti-ageing benefits: Did you know dancing has been described as the kale exercise? A 2017 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience report looked at brain scans of elderly dancers and found it improved balance and brain structure. The study concluded dancing as a promising candidate in counteracting age-related decline in physical and mental abilities. Dance has been shown to slow down the physical and psychological signs of ageing, such as reducing the uncomfortable effects of menopause to improve gait in the eldery.
  3.  Lowers stress and depression: A study published in 2013 concluded dance reduces symptoms of depression and lifts the spirits. This correlates to an increase in serotonin and endorphins and decreased cortisol (stress hormone) levels. “You appear to get a much bigger release of endorphins when you dance than during other forms of exercise; it also connects with the emotional centers in the brain,” according to dance psychologist Dr.Peter Lovatt.
  4.  Improves cognitive function: Dance has been proven to have many positive effects on cognitive function. Researchers have shown that dance can work wonders for your brain, especially for the elderly. A 2011 study highlights the ability of dance to improve verbal fluency, delayed recall, and recognition memory function. Dancing has also been shown lower one's risk of dementia to by up to 76%.
    Did someone said zumba?


Eating a healthy, nutrient-rich diet is another way to boost your immune system so that it can fight off viruses. This includes eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamins and antioxidants to promote good health.

You should also reduce your intake of sugar, fat, and processed foods, and choose lean meats. If you feel that you’re not getting enough vitamins and nutrients from your diet alone, ask your doctor if they recommend taking a multivitamin or herbal supplement.


If dancing is not your thing, you can start with cardio and weight workout. Even when strenuous physical activity can become harder with age, that doesn’t mean you should stop moving completely. Regular physical activity can strengthen your immune system and help your body fight off infections and viruses.

Aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity for three days a week. This can include walking, biking, yoga, swimming, or other low impact workouts.

Exercise increases blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.


Chronic stress can affect your immune system, decreasing its effectiveness. When under stress, the body increases the production of cortisol. This is a hormone that helps the body deal with stressful situations. It also limits bodily functions that aren’t essential in a fight-or-flight situation. Meditating, being grateful and taking a moment for feel and hear yourself can relief some of this negative feelings, If you don't know where to start, come for meditation and sound healing class and let our certified meditation instructor guide you through it.

 As many longtime yogis can attest, asana practice provides a gentle, natural means of supporting the immune system on a day-to-day basis—, no matter how hectic your schedule might be. Yoga helps lower stress hormones that compromise the immune system, while also conditioning the lungs and respiratory tract, stimulating the lymphatic system to oust toxins from the body, and bringing oxygenated blood to the various organs to ensure their optimal function. "Yoga is unlike other forms of exercise that focus only on certain parts of the body," says Kathleen Fry, M.D., president of the American Holistic Medicine Association in Scottsdale, Arizona. "Yoga works on everything."





Why You Should Try Pilates Reformer

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Published November 5th, 2019 by

The creation of Pilates was due to his creator Sickness. Joseph Pilates suffered from asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever and because of that he dedicated his entire life to improving his physical strength. He was introduced by his father to gymnastics and body building. Pilates came to believe that the "modern" lifestyle, bad posture, and inefficient breathing lay at the roots of poor health. He ultimately devised a series of exercises and training techniques, and engineered all the equipment, specifications, and tuning required to teach his methods properly. Joseph discovered the multiple physical benefits from practicing Pilates regularly, his technique has become so popular that you can find Pilates Reformer exercises available to do on the mat as well. Here's the reasons why you should join:   

1 Increased Core Strength

Working out through the proper techniques of Pilates Reformer will increase the core strength by focusing every position on itself, the abdomen and lower back muscles. It will also align and stabilize the spine: this will give the muscles more power and it will decrease the risk of suffering an injury.

2. Improved Posture

As it's focused on the posture and the alignment of the spine this will work toward the back muscles and it will strengthen the spinal. Always by practicing with awareness the benefits are many.

3. Increased Muscular Endurance

Regular practice of Pilates Reformer will increase the muscle fiber endurance, size and strength. The muscles will be able to exert force for longer periods.

4. Increased Flexibility

This practice will work on the motion of the muscles and connective tissue, and that is what will improve the flexibility; muscles contract with efficiency and workouts will be more effective.

5. Improve Breathing

Energy levels increase during exercise and at rest. It emphasize proper breathing, the technique of breathing deeper and with less frequency will result in relaxation and will increase the lung capacity

Find out more about Pilates Reformer at Om'echaye, Book your class through 954.456.6945.



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Published October 18th, 2019 by

Youth and wellbeing is something we all seek, at all ages we wish to be in a perfect health state (both, mind and body). And that's why our values starts with being healthy, regardless of age. First let's start with the secrets on Stertching every day:

Stretching allows the body to be more flexible, it builts strenght and stability, makes easier to reach deeper movements or positions. 

It also reduce pain, when we are tense our muscles can feel sore or experience cramps, when we stretch we work on lenghtening and opening our muscles, which will reduce the aches; exercises such as yoga will helps to be aware of our posture, correct any imbalances that we may, but, besides from the physical part our overall health means mental and emotional as well, after a good yoga session (or stretching session) we experience relaxation on our body which leads to relaxation of the mind. 

Stretching will allow you to improve you physical performance as well, so even if you're more into weight training or cardiovascular exercises, practices like yoga will also give you more strenght an overall improvement. 

Doing in regular exercise, eating enough protein, keeping the ultra processed food and sugars away are some of the recomendations to control hormonal imbalance; regardless of age or weight, hormonal imbalances create extreme cravings, lack of sleep, emotional states of sadness, it also affects our skin. 

So feeling young it's not necessarily related to age, when you decide to change your life in a more positive state you'll feel and see the difference, it takes a small step to start a better life.


Healed By her Passion

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Published June 12th, 2019 by

Beatriz came to this country as a woman in pain, living in a body she barely recognized. She moved with her husband and two children from Argentina, where she had been an accountant and entrepreneur. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, with debilitation back pain that left her spine nearly paralyzed and her mind clouded. Her doctor told her that she would never move freely again.

Beatriz's passion for life would not allow her to accept this prognosis. In Miami she discovered the healing power of yoga, and came to understand the importance of eating well to suit her body's specific needs. Through the practice of yoga and healthy eating, she was able to heal her back pain without medication, and to find clarity and stillness in her mind. As her body regained its youth and vitality, she learned to take charge of her own well-being. Finally pain free, Beatriz realized her mission in life: To help others to align body, mind and spirit in order to realize their highest potential. 


With this vision, Beatriz joined forces with her husband Miguel her children Javier and Magali, along with a team to create the Om'echaye 360 Experience. At Om'echaye there is a point of entry for everyone to find a healthy, happy lifestyle. A healthy restaurant features meals created by an amazing talented chef. The Integrative Medicine Center provides consultations by specialists, from physical therapy to acupuncture. At the on-site spa you can experience a number of healing and beautifying body treatments. Fitness and Wellness come in the form of Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Cycling, Power Plate, Body Training and many other classes with highly qualified teachers. With Om'echaye, Beatriz has manifested her long-time dream, and now shares her passion with her community 


Source: Hola Latinos Magazine

Power Plate for Seniors

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Published May 3rd, 2019 by

The fitness world is always evolving, and as it happens there's a huge amount of information on the media that we can either get a benefit from it or not. With so much flow of different statements made by amateurs and professionals we asked our Instructor Sue Ellen Page a few questions: 

1. Is Power Plate save for Seniors?:

"Vibration Training is great for senior citizens. After there is a medical clearance of working out, the elderly greatly benefit from Power Plate. The de-conditioned elderly and those with Parkinson's Disease, as noted by the American Council on exercise, may have positive results in terms of strength and stability by participating in vibration training."

2. Why choose Power Plate?:

"Power Plate stimulates Muscle Growth which improves bone density.

It also helps in improving flexibility in tight muscles and strengthening the weak ones.

By correcting this unbalances ranges of motions on joints increases"

3. What do you think are the most important reasons for seniors to workout?:

"For me, there are three main reasons: Decreases risk of falls, Improve cognitive function,

Regular physical activity can help prevent or regulate many comments disease, such as heart disease and diabetes"

4. What do you think that it would be a perfect complement for power plate training sessions?:

"Yoga, for flexibility. Zumba for cardiovascular and fun"


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