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The Power of Ayurvedic Treatment

Published April 1st, 2021 by Front Desk

No one can argue of the seriousness of diseases and afflictions that cause so much hardship and
discomfort such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis to name a few. While modern medicine has evolved
greatly with respect to treating the symptoms of disease and improved pain management, increasingly
both doctors and their patients are turning to complementary alternative medicine, such as Ayurveda,
to extend treatment approaches.

Over the next few editions of this column, we will be exploring the benefits of Ayurvedic treatment,
either in combination with other western approaches or as a lifestyle choice intended to balance the
factors that contribute to good health.
Ayurveda, the science of life and longevity, dates back over 5,000 years and it provides its followers with
a lifestyle approach to good health. This ancient therapy has stood the test of time and proven itself
nature’s panacea for all ailments of body and mind and is even recognized as effective by the World
Health Organization.

Ayurveda looks to the five elements that together comprise our Universe: Fire, Water, Air, Space and
Earth. These elements are the building blocks to what are called “doshas”, which constitute our
individual bio-energy. Collectively the doshas are called: Pitta, Vata and Kapha, and all humans have a
unique combination of these doshas. Illness and disease are the result of dosha imbalance and
rebalancing one’s doshas is what Ayurvedic treatments are all about.

Our upcoming articles will feature more detail on specific conditions, explaining the factors that
contribute to the imbalance and the Ayurvedic approach to a holistic healing. Treating imbalance with
Ayurveda is performed with natural medicines prepared from leaves, flowers, roots and seeds in a
process that resembles culinary art, addressing the root cause of disease to completely remove it
without invasive side effects.

Luz Pellegrino
Ayurvedic Practitioner & Meditation Teacher

Panchakarma: the ultimate detoxification program for 2021

Published December 15th, 2020 by Front Desk


When was the last time you gave yourself the time and space for a break? I’m not just talking about a few hours away from work or family obligations or setting your phone to silent for an afternoon. No, I’m talking about deep rest- a reset if you will- of bringing balance back to your life on a physical, mental and emotional level. I’m willing to bet you can’t remember the last time you honored yourself in such a holistic way. 


If you are currently looking for an accessible and powerful program that offers a total rejuvenation of the mind and body, you may be interested to learn more about our Panchakarma cleanse offered here at our Integrative Medicine Center at Om’echaye. 

Based on Ayurvedic philosophy, the focus of this cleanse is to reduce stress and remove more than skin deep impurities and toxins from the body ultimately bringing back balance, increased energy and vitality to your life. The great thing about this treatment is that it can be approached from a preventative stand point as much as healing one. In other words, anyone living in today’s modern society who has been subjected to some level of environmental toxicity, occupational stress, poor sleeping patterns and/or poor diet can benefit from Panchakarma. In the words of Luz Pelligrino, founder of Jothi Vita Ayurvedic Spa & Wellbeing Center, 

 There is a direct relationship between our resistance to illness and the balance of our doshas, including the strength of our digestion and elimination. When our bodies accumulate toxins, we lose the ability to properly discriminate between good and bad cravings.  Our altered cravings attract us to foods and substances that feed our toxic state causing further imbalance and illness.  When we make the conscious effort to give ourselves proper foods, rest, physical movements that reduce stress and practice daily meditation, we effectively release the tension and blockages in our system.  The power of that cleansing helps us feel connected to our divinity and our resistance to illness becomes stronger.

So what exactly can you expect from a Panchakarma program? Your personalized program will begin with an Ayurvedic consultation, where a daily schedule will be customized according to your needs and include the following:

  • Yoga and Mediation
  • Cleansing Diet
  • Herbal Support 
  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapy 
  • Medicated Steam (Swedhana)
  • Shirodhara and Medicated Oil Therapy
  • Colon Cleansing 
  • Purgation Therapy

The Panchakarma program provides you a sanctuary to embark on the path towards returning balance to your life and achieving comprehensive health that spans physical, emotional and spiritual well being.


Get Fit After the Holidays With a Body Composition Analysis, Personal Wellness Coaching and Healthy Food! Start now!

Published November 24th, 2020 by Front Desk

Need motivation to reach your Fitness, Wellness & Weight Loss Goals? Want to remain fit during the season of eatin’?  At Om’echaye, we are here with guided motivation every step of the way, to help you meet your goals!

Each new year, we declare we will eat better, get healthier and move more ... only to find we’ve added on a few new pounds.   But where to start?


* Get moving - Walking regularly will help. Build your stamina from there.
* Start Now - Don’t delay, start before the Holidays hit - You’ll feel motivated.
* Drink Up - Did you know that being dehydrated may be confused with being hungry?
* Fill up on fiber - Add 5 or more servings of fresh fruit and veggies a day.
* Portion Control - Measure your portions to the size of your flat palm of your hand.
* Eat Mindfully - Avoid grazing, eat slowly, savor each bite.
* Manage Stress - Stretch, meditate, do yoga to keep your cortisol level low.
* Allow for a cheat here and there - choose wisely!

But, there is more … Yes, half the battle of staying fit is moving more, eating mindfully … but, did you know that you may be eating the totally wrong foods for your body type? Eating foods you ‘think’ are healthy but are creating a metabolic disaster and aiding in the inflammation process? Even if you work out regularly?

If you’re still at that set-point, whether you want to lose weight or maintain your fitness level, we’ve got your back!  


Check out our detailed 360 plans - a trifecta!

1. INBODY Scan: The State-of-the-art Body Composition testing -- the most detailed analysis to see what you are truly made of!  Accurately measuring body fat, lean body mass, basal metabolic caloric requirement, weight and fluid balance.   https://inbodyusa.com/general/570-result-sheet-interpretation/

2. OM’echaye Kitchen meal plans: Delicious, custom made meal plans, created with love and warmth that are specifically created for your unique body chemistry. Dine in, order ahead and pick up for the week!

3. Personal Health Coaches: Guided support and motivation every step of the way to help you reach all of your wellness and fitness goals! A powerful combination to set up your success!

At Om’echaye Wellness, Fitness and Kitchen, we are here every step of the way.  If you are successful we are successful.  We are committed to helping you lead your happiest, healthiest, best life! 


Try This Guilt Free Buttery Pureed Cauliflower Mash Recipe: 
(easy side dish recipe)
Servings: 6

* 6 cups Cauliflower (leaves and core removed), cut into small florets.
* ½ stick, ¼ cup Grass Fed Butter, Clarified butter (Ghee) -or- olive oil.
* Pink salt -or- sea salt and season with freshly ground pepper, to taste.
* Garnish with parsley, chives or scallions if desired.

1. Place 3 inches of unsalted veggie broth, chicken broth or bone broth in a large pot or vegetable steamer.  Place Cauliflower in the steamer. Add 3 cloves of garlic if desired.
2. Turn flame to high heat.
3. Steam cauliflower till a fork goes in easily, usually 10-12 minutes.
4. Carefully place steamed cauliflower into a food processor or blender or masher and add a generous pinch or two of sea salt, butter, clarified butter or ghee or olive oil.  Process till smooth, scraping down sides of processor if needed.  That's it! If using a potato masher, place ingredients into a large bowl and mash until smooth.


Many blessings of health, happiness and love!


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Published September 22nd, 2020 by

Anxiety can be relieved and the symptoms of stress managed with acupuncture. Acupuncture creates a gentle shift in the central nervous system. Acupuncture encourages endogenous opioid peptide synthesis in the nervous system.  “Manual acupuncture stimulates the release of home-made opioids, enhances their content, and regulates the expression and function of their receptors” (Acupuncture Induced Activation of the Endogenous Opioid System). These homemade, or endogenous, opioids can help lift the mood and change sensations of pain. Your body can then shift from it’s held tight state that is ready to fight or take flight, and relax into a rest and digest state. 

Acupuncture encourages the body to up-regulate production of endorphins, serotonin, and enkephalins. “Endorphins” are a class of peptides, small amino acid chains, in this case with opioid like activity. What does that mean? An endorphin release can cause anything from a general sense of wellbeing to a euphoric sensation. Physical or emotional challenge can bring an endorphin release, as can acupuncture. 

Treatment with acupuncture can not only bring endorphin release, it can also moderate the central nervous system. The body likes to achieve homeostasis and acupuncture helps it find a homeostatic shift. A new state of balance is achieved. Over time with consistent treatment the body finds a new homeostasis with the body being less inflamed, less irritated, and in less pain (emotional or physical). 


Acupuncture Therapy for Neurological Diseases pp 104-119




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Published August 15th, 2020 by

What is Five Element Acupuncture?

Five Element Acupuncture treats the individual, as they would be seen in a balanced state of health. When the elements are in balance and the energy, or qi, flows smoothly there is health. Five Element Acupuncture concentrates on the Constitutional Factor, the element that most resonates with the individual. Five Element Acupuncture treats both root and branch symptomatology. The root is considered the initial cause of the imbalance while the branch is the manifestation of the imbalance on the physical, mental, or spirit level. 

What Is Your Element?

Fire Element: The chief emotion is Joy. In pathology this can look like anxiety, in a state of health it is propriety. The fire element is in charge of presence in the moment and connectedness. When this is in health we are able to connect in a healthy way in relationships with ourselves and others. Joy, laughter, and presence belong to the fire element. 

Earth Element: The chief emotion is sympathy. In health the earth element is able to give and receive proper nourishment to self and others. The Earth element is thoughtful and empathic in a way that is not detrimental to itself. Stable and healthy earth is grounded and able to care for itself and those who may need it. 

Metal Element: The chief emotion is grief. The ability to properly grieve, let go, allows fresh energy to circulate. Metal elements seek value and essence. A healthy metal is able to exhale (let go) and inhale (take in) on the physical, mental, and spirit level. Emotions appropriately come and go, value on the worth within is sought after versus placing excessive value on material attachment.

Water Element: The chief emotion is fear. The water element is about willpower and the resources and energy over a long term to accomplish deep seated goals. In health water is captivated and calmly utilized with wisdom to accomplish that which we set out to do. It is flexible when presented with obstacles and patient. Healthy water uses it's energy and reserves thoughtfully, and allows time for replenishment. 

Wood Element: The chief emotion is anger. The wood element is in charge of creative vision and planning. In health it is flexible and anger is tempered with forgiveness, and benevolence. Healthy wood effectively and efficiently plans. In community this allows for creativity and planning for the good of others, with out looking to pursue one's own personal growth regardless of those around. 


When Elements are in balance the tend more toward their virtue side rather than their imbalanced emotion side. Excessive joy of fire leads to propriety and presence. Overly sympathetic and those lacking sympathy for others tend toward empathy in balance. The grief of metal allows for appropriate emotion and it's process with the ability to move onward. The fear of water becomes wisdom in decision making and where to apply willpower. 

By Michelle Mansueto


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