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Inner Beauty or Outer Beauty?

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Published March 15th, 2018 by

At Om’echaye, we focus on both your inner and outer beauty.  As people, we choose to beautify ourselves on the outside, not so much because we care what other people think about us, but because we want to feel beautiful ourselves.  To truly make a difference in our self-perception, Om’echaye knows how important it is to maintain our inner beauty with yoga, meditation and sound healing and concentrate on outer beauty with healthy facial and body treatments.  

Our outward appearance and our skin is what we should show the world, and we want it to be appreciated by others as a reflection of our true selves.  

That is why who we are, what we eat, and how we wear our skin is equally important.  Because we are family, Om’echaye treats you how a mother would: with affection. We want to remind you that beauty radiates from the inside out, and how you treat your body is how you treat yourself.

Learn how to eat well in our healthy restaurant, and take some time to show your soul and your body some love and care.  Let us create a personal beauty program that’s right for you, one that loves your inside and outside equally.

Beatriz Wilensky


Belleza Interna o Belleza Externa?

En Om’echaye nos enfocamos en ambas, en la belleza interior y exterior.  Nos cuidamos no solo para lucir bien para los demás sino porque nos importa vernos y sentirnos bien.  Om’echaye sabe como hacer una verdadera diferencia en la percepción que tenemos de nuestra belleza interior a través del Yoga, meditación, sanaciones, fitness, comida sana.

Para la belleza exterior que es la belleza que mostramos al mundo y que nos gusta que nos reconozcan para aumentar nuestra autoestima, nuestro Aesthetics Center ofrece tratamientos faciales y corporales, Venus Legacy y mucho más.  

Es importante quienes somos, que comemos y como luce nuestra piel.  En Om’echaye como somos una familia, te cuidamos como una madre lo haría: con afecto.  Recuerde que la belleza interior se irradia de adentro hacia fuera y como tratas a tu cuerpo es como te tratas a ti mismo.

Permítanos hacerle un programa de belleza especial para usted, uno que haga relucir su belleza exterior e interior por igual.

Beatriz Wilensky


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