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Panchakarma: the ultimate detoxification program for 2021

Published December 15th, 2020 by Front Desk


When was the last time you gave yourself the time and space for a break? I’m not just talking about a few hours away from work or family obligations or setting your phone to silent for an afternoon. No, I’m talking about deep rest- a reset if you will- of bringing balance back to your life on a physical, mental and emotional level. I’m willing to bet you can’t remember the last time you honored yourself in such a holistic way. 


If you are currently looking for an accessible and powerful program that offers a total rejuvenation of the mind and body, you may be interested to learn more about our Panchakarma cleanse offered here at our Integrative Medicine Center at Om’echaye. 

Based on Ayurvedic philosophy, the focus of this cleanse is to reduce stress and remove more than skin deep impurities and toxins from the body ultimately bringing back balance, increased energy and vitality to your life. The great thing about this treatment is that it can be approached from a preventative stand point as much as healing one. In other words, anyone living in today’s modern society who has been subjected to some level of environmental toxicity, occupational stress, poor sleeping patterns and/or poor diet can benefit from Panchakarma. In the words of Luz Pelligrino, founder of Jothi Vita Ayurvedic Spa & Wellbeing Center, 

 There is a direct relationship between our resistance to illness and the balance of our doshas, including the strength of our digestion and elimination. When our bodies accumulate toxins, we lose the ability to properly discriminate between good and bad cravings.  Our altered cravings attract us to foods and substances that feed our toxic state causing further imbalance and illness.  When we make the conscious effort to give ourselves proper foods, rest, physical movements that reduce stress and practice daily meditation, we effectively release the tension and blockages in our system.  The power of that cleansing helps us feel connected to our divinity and our resistance to illness becomes stronger.

So what exactly can you expect from a Panchakarma program? Your personalized program will begin with an Ayurvedic consultation, where a daily schedule will be customized according to your needs and include the following:

  • Yoga and Mediation
  • Cleansing Diet
  • Herbal Support 
  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapy 
  • Medicated Steam (Swedhana)
  • Shirodhara and Medicated Oil Therapy
  • Colon Cleansing 
  • Purgation Therapy

The Panchakarma program provides you a sanctuary to embark on the path towards returning balance to your life and achieving comprehensive health that spans physical, emotional and spiritual well being.


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