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The art of teaching from the heart

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Published August 7th, 2019 by

For the ones looking to deepen into the yoga practice, aspiring to change people's lives and bring wellness and peace, Om'echaye is bringing the Yoga Teacher Training back this year, as it's been going on for years, Om'echaye yoga teacher training is a 200hr program with the theoretical and practical part where you will challenge yourself to go further. Our goals is to motivate and empower you to find your voice and your life purpose, support you in the process of self-transformation and personal growth, expand your knowledge and self-confidence.

The code of ethics we manage is:

  • Teach from the heart
  • Ahimsa: Practice kinds, nonviolence and compassion for others. Be mindful of how you treat yourself, others and your environment. Treat all things with care
  • Satya: Practice truth in thought, words and action. Be truthful with yourself and others
  • Asteya: Non-stealing, not taking what it's not yours.
  • Aparigraha: Do not spend energy longing for what others have. Take action toward progress and connect with the sense of wholeness within.
  • Saucha: Practice cleanliness, purity and care for your physical being and surroundings. Our surroundings reflect and influence our inner selves. Bring cleanliness and order into your environment. 

Among others these principals compose what we believe should be all teachers guideline for their practice. People find safety in yoga, by creating that feeling as a teacher you'll be helping others to manage problems you're not aware of but gratitude is always living on us, that energy will be flowing peacefully around you and the people you touch with your practice.

Our mission is to promote positive changes in people's lives, one at a time, through an integrative approach to achieving personal growth and well-being. It's all about welcoming you as you are with open arms and hearts.

Our unique yoga style fuses different styles into a signature sequence that combines fluid movement with alignment based poses, promoting positive changes in the awareness throughout the body. The result of Om'echaye yoga's focus on conscious breath and mindful practice is blissful heart, centered mind and physical wellbeing.

For more information www.omechaye.com, our phone number is 954.456.6945

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