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Energy Boost Meal Plan

The Om’echaye Energy Boost Meal Plan is a gut reboot system. It is how you are going to restore and repair the normal activity of your gut. It will help reestablish balance in an imbalanced system. By fixing your gut— your primary organ for assimilation of nutrients and barrier to the outside world— you will feel the benefits throughout your entire body.

The body as a whole has the innate ability to heal itself when given the opportunity and environment. When internal balance has been lost, health can be restored by reestablishing equilibrium with an integrative, functional approach. To truly heal, you must address all three aspects of the self: your mind, your physical self, and your spirit.

Your gut is your internal garden and requires tending just like a plant garden would. As your skin forms a barrier to the world outside your body, your gut plays a similar role inside your body. Its surface area is a remarkable 200 times greater than that of your skin, making it your largest surface of interaction with the outside world. The gut is in continuous contact with nutrients, as well as all types of toxins, food additives, microbes, and drugs that may pass through your digestive tract on a daily basis. As gatekeeper, your gut has a huge task to not only serve as a porous filter for the building blocks of life, but also to keep out all the detrimental substances you may be exposed to.

Within the healthy gut lives a world of friendly bacteria that help us digest, produce vitamins, stimulate a vibrant gut lining, and keep unfriendly organisms in check. Signals from the gut to the brain tell you when you are full so that you do not overeat. You feel satiated, but not stuffed after meals. Digestion moves from the mouth through the body in a well-orchestrated series of steps. Just the right amount of digestive juices are secreted, and at the right time. Bowel movements occur at least once daily so that waste and toxins are efficiently removed from the body via the stool.



• Lose weight through a balance & smart diet 

• Naturally reboot your gut health 

• Reset your immune system & body equilibrium 

• Create more friendly bacteria 

• Eliminate waste, toxins, & microbes 

• Absorb more micronutrients & minerals 

• Stimulate vitamin self-production 

• Control mood swings & regain peak energy

A healthy gut is one where: 

  • All food is digested into its component parts
  • The digestive surface is vibrant and able to absorb micronutrients while blocking the entrance of larger, partially digested food particles; bacteria; yeast; and parasites
  • The gut-associated immune system is activated only when necessary

Package Includes:

  • All daily meals included
    • Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner.


Energy Boost MEAL PLAN by Diego Rutenberg L.Ac, GAPS, CFMP

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