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Planning your meals in advance saves time and money and

Meal Plans

Planning your meals in advance saves time and money and helps keep you on track in your weight loss and healthy living journey. If you find this too hard to accomplish, don’t worry, we’ll get you started and support you every step of the way. We are committed to promoting healthy eating in Hallandale. Choose one of our proven healthy meal plans below and let us cook for you.Meal Plan Diets at Om'Echaye Fitness and Wellness

Paleo Fit Plan

A healthy gut helps us digest food, stimulate a vibrant gut lining, produce vitamins, and keep hostile organisms in check. The gut is in continuous contact with every substance that passes through your digestive tract and has a huge task of filtering the building blocks of life. Our Paleo Fit Plan is a gut reboot system that constitutes food aimed at restoring and repairing the normal activity of your gut. A healthy gut will help you feel satiated without overeating. We offer breakfast smoothies, snacks, lunch, dinner, desserts. The meal plan will include every color of fruit and vegetable, both raw and cooked.

Weight Loss Meal Plan

Looking forward to losing weight or being healthier but your busy lifestyle stands in your way? We offer a week’s worth of homemade, freshly prepared meals for every occasion. We’ll work with you to create a meal plan while ensuring that you always have healthy food at your disposal. You’ll be in charge of what you eat. The weight loss meal plan includes low-calorie foods loaded with nutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids your body needs.

21-Day Weight Loss Plan

Whether you're a confirmed omnivore or a seasoned vegan, this meal plan will delight and satisfy. Each day offers meals and snacks that will have you forget about the carb and sugar cravings. Our 21-Day Weight Loss program is designed to be the most convenient plan that allows you lose weight while enjoying what you eat. The program incorporates a specialized formula that’s based on anti-inflammatory diet. This should help you achieve your ideal weight by controlling portions and regulating caloric intake. The program includes before and after measurements, Om’diet Herbal Tea, Intermittent fasting on Sundays (four green smoothies), one week of Cleanse Diet, and two weeks of Om’diet. All meals are included.

Detox Plan

Maintain the optimal health of your body through a detoxification diet. This is not an everyday diet; we recommend it once or twice a year. Our whole food 7-day diet contains supplements that eliminate toxins. Some individuals may lose a few pounds, and this is ideal if you’re looking to lose weight. This plan includes smoothies, snacks, lunch, and dinner.

At Om’chaye, we are committed to living healthy and happy lives, and we believe that the food we eat has a bigger role to play in achieving that. We’re the best healthy restaurant in Hallandale, and our meal plans are just what you need to achieve your weight loss and healthy eating goals. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to cook for you.

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