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Ayurvedic Body Treatments


Udvartna is a massage and exfoliation of the skin using a mixture of herbs and flowers rubbed vigorously over the entire body. This treatment tones the muscles, reduces dryness and increases metabolism, leaving the skin tingling, soothed and soft.

One therapist – 55 minutes
Two therapists – 55 minutes

Oshadhi means “healing herb”. This treatment starts with a massage using Aromatherapy blended essential oils, followed by a warm herbal wrap. It is recommended for anyone experiencing dry skin, varicose veins, nervousness and fatigue. Very helpful treatment to reduce scars from surgery.

90 minutes

Swedana* is a heat and steam therapy to open the channels and aid the body’s natural elimination process. Essential oils help stimulate, energize and cleanse the skin. Excellent add-on service after any massage treatment.

30 minutes

Salt Scrub Exfoliation* uses a blend of sea salt, essential oils and herbal oil to exfoliate your skin, leaving it soft and fragrant. Excellent add-on service to complement your massage treatment.

30 minutes

Garshana* is a dry massage using silk gloves. This treatment increases heat in the body and enhances circulation while exfoliating the skin. Excellent add-on prior to any massage.

30 minutes

(*) Service available only as an add-on, complementing other treatments.


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