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Panchakarma Program

Life-Force Rejuvenation: An Ayurvedic Cleansing Program 

In order to achieve optimal health, the Ayurvedic philosophy believes that it is necessary to undergo bodily cleansing, or detoxification when imbalance is present. Such cleansing should be deep, powerful and thorough, yet gentle and safe. The focus of this cleansing is on bringing your body back into balance by reducing stress and removing toxins from the superficial to deeper tissues and organs, ending with cleaning the colon – the root of most diseases.

In Ayurveda this process is called Panchakarma and is the ultimate purification and rejuvenation therapy used to cleanse, detoxify, and revitalize the organs and body functions. These treatments were originally developed for the royal families of India as a form of luxurious indulgence. As a preventive detoxification therapy, this treatment can greatly enhance the quality of your life by increasing your vitality through the elimination of those toxins in your body that create health problems. Additionally, it provides extensive rejuvenation of bodily tissue at a very deep level by ensuring proper hydration and lubrication. If you are experiencing a negative health condition, often the direct result of bodily imbalance, this timeless therapy will strengthen your body by eliminating stagnant bodily waste and residual environmental toxins.

Our traditional Panchakarma offering is a 6-day program targeted at individuals who are currently experiencing a health imbalance or are looking to reduce stress levels.  In this version of the program you will experience a deeper cleansing and healing process at a physical, mental and emotional level, reaching new levels of energy and vitality. Our program complements the treatment with a cleansing vegetarian diet using specific spices, teas, and herbal preparations to assist cleansing, digestion and proper elimination. During this time, you are advised to put aside your usual preoccupations with work and family and get as much physical and mental rest as possible.

For individuals whose schedule makes it challenging to commit to a 6-day term, a shorter program can be customized to your needs.  In this shorter version, the focus is limited to the physical cleansing, as a way to support your health and maintain balance.  In this option, a minimum of 3 days is required.  Ideally this program offers its best benefits if done every change of season. During this time, you are advised to put aside your usual preoccupations with work and family and get as much physical and mental rest as possible.

Who Can Benefit?

Benefits Of The Panchakarma Program 

Anyone whose modern life style exposes them to environmental toxicity, poor diet, or occupational stress qualify as

a candidate to undergo Panchakarma, either as a preventive wellness regimen, or as a guided treatment to alleviate

conditions such as:

• Chronic illness
• Stress and anxiety
• Weight disorders
• Relationship challenges
• Insomnia and fatigue
• Allergies
• Pain (physical or emotional)
• Digestive disorders
• Post-chemotherapy detoxification


What is Included?

Your daily schedule will include the following:

Ayurvedic Consultation – Your program starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your current condition,

the history of your personal health and the identification of areas to balance. Specific therapies will be designed

according to your condition, needs and body type. Throughout the program, you will receive daily checkups and


Yoga and Meditation – You will start your day with a yoga class, breathing exercises and meditation.

Your body becomes supple, your mind centered, and your muscular system activated through these time-honored

relaxation techniques.

Diet – You will be served a light diet consisting of organic fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, grains and legumes,

allowing your body to cleanse while providing valuable nutrients for rebuilding tissues. Guided fasting will be applied

when appropriate.

Herbal Support – Specific herbs are administered to cleanse and rebuild a different organ each day.

Herbs are powerful allies for rejuvenation.

Massage Therapy – Every day you will receive a four-handed Indian massage performed by licensed practitioners.

Medicated essential oil blends are made for you according to your constitutional body type. Marma point therapy will

be applied to balance the nervous system, while the soothing massage dissolves holding patterns which can cause aging.

Medicated Steam (Swedhana) – Sweating opens the channels of elimination through your skin. You will experience

the ancient technique of applying warm medicated oils to your head before relaxing in the steam. This heightens

awareness while relaxing your body.

Shirodhara and Medicated Oil Therapy – Focused streaming of special oils onto the forehead will produce an

exquisite state of transcendence, bringing balance to your emotions and mind. Special nose and ear drops will be

applied to penetrate and stimulate your nervous system.

Colon Cleansing (Basti) – The cleansing of the intestinal track with herbal teas and oils will remove accumulated

toxins, freeing the immune system so rejuvenation can take place.

Purgation Therapy (virechan) – This brings about cleansing of accumulated toxins in your upper digestive track

which cannot be reached by basti. Your digestive fire is released, increasing your metabolic efficiency.


Pricing ans Policies:

1-Day Royal Panchakarma (two therapists) ……….…….…………. $ 520
1-Day Standard Panchakarma (one therapist) …….………………. $ 430

Booking your Panchakarma – Please contact us at 786-403-8316  or send us an email to

omechaye360@gmail.com in order to schedule your program.  Due to the required preparation to achieve the

best results, booking must be made 30 days before the starting date.

Daily schedule – Our program starts on at 8:00 a.m. on the initial day. Please make the necessary arrangements

to arrive on time.  On the first day, you will receive a detailed daily schedule for the duration of your program. 

Following days will begin at 8:00 a.m. and finish by 5:00 p.m. approximately.

Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policy – Full payment is due at time of booking. We accept all major credit

and debit cards, cashier’s check, money order or cash. No personal checks are accepted. Full refund is only

available for cancellations received 20 days prior to the starting date of the Panchakarma program.

A $100 administrative fee will be applied.  If notice of cancellation or reschedule request is received within 10 days

prior to the starting date of Panchakarma, 50% of the total value of your Panchakarma program will be retained and

the remaining 50% may be applied towards Panchakarma services within one year of the originally scheduled


Gratuities – During your Panchakarma Program, you will receive Ayurvedic massage therapies every day.

Sometimes people ask us if gratuities are appropriate. Gratuities are not expected or necessary, but are always

appreciated. Please see the receptionist if you would like to add a special gratuity to your bill.

Cell Phones, Computers and Electronic Devices – Specially for this program we respectfully recommend that

during your stay at the center, you avoid the use of electronic devices. As you are working on a deep cleansing of

your body, it is also beneficial to reduce the external stimulus in your mind.


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