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Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Chinese Herbalism is the longest continuous herbal tradition on the planet.  China’s greatest medical scholars have been experimenting, documenting and debating for millennia, and the result is a highly refined and intricate system of herbal compounding.  Like acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine is an fundamental therapy for many acute and chronic conditions.


What can Chinese Herbal Medicine Treat:

Chinese Herbal Medicine can be used to address unhealthy body patterns that lead to a variety of symptoms.  A formula is composed of herbs to treat both the underlying condition as well as the offending complaint. Herbal formulas can:


Improve digestion

Improve your sleep

Decrease pain

Improve menopausal symptoms

Help regulate menstrual cycles for infertility

Improve energy

Reduce side effects of certain drugs or harsh medical treatments

and much more.


When would I use Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Often people find their way to Chinese Herbal Medicine when they have exhausted other medical options, when allopathic medicine can’t find a diagnosis, or when that diagnosis offers no suitable treatment options.  Others use Chinese Herbal Medicine for prevention.  


What happens in an Herbal Consult:

Patients are asked to bring a thorough medical history and a list of any medications and supplements they are taking.  The herbalist will provide an assessment using several traditional techniques.  Herbal therapy may be recommended as a primary therapy or in combination with acupuncture treatment.  The herbal formula will be compounded on-site for a 1 week supply so the formula can be altered as your symptoms, complaint and body condition changes.  


Are Chinese Herbs safe?:

Yes, when it prescribed with a trained professional that uses herbs from a reputable source.  

Chinese Herbalists go through rigorous training on thousands of different herbs, minerals, and animal products, how to process, prescribe and combine them. A trained herbalist will also know what herbs are safe to avoid interactions with medications.  

Many people are concerned about contamination by pesticides, sulfur dioxide, aflatoxin, and heavy metal.  We chose KPC herbs as our supplier because they have the highest quality standards and test for pesticide residuals, sulfur dioxide (used as a fumigant), aflatoxin (from a mold that can grow in dried herbs), and heavy metals.  They also test each batch of herbs to ensure that the herbs are the intended species.  This prevents contamination with harmful herbs that look like healthy ones.  Read more about KPC Quality Assurances here.   (http://www.kpc.com/index.php/quality-control)  This same company is the trusted partner of Cleveland Clinic’s herbal therapy department.  


The Herbalist:

B. Coco Fortner received a BA in Biological Psychology from New College of Florida (emphasis on neurology, physiology, health psychology and psychoneuroimmunology) and a MA of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.  After spending several years running an herbal pharmacy and compounding custom herbal formulas for thousands of clients, she traveled the world on Princess Cruise Lines & operated a high volume Chinese Hospital Style acupuncture clinic. Patients received daily acupuncture sessions and achieved profound therapeutic results for conditions varying from sexual dysfunction to post-herpetic neuralgia to traumatic brain injuries.  She brings her wealth of experience to Om’echaye Integrative Medicine Center’s Functional Herbal Pharmacy.



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