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PRP Therapy

What Is PRP Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived by placing a small amount of your blood in a filtration system,

which separates red blood cells from platelets. The high concentration of platelets contains a high

level of your body’s own Growth Factors. Your concentrated platelets are then injected into the

injured tissue initiating the body’s natural healing response. The concentration of platelets and growth

factors can be 5 to 10 times greater than usual. PRP therapy is a safe and non-intrusive procedure

treatment that promotes the healing of muscles after injury, fractures, arthritis, acute tendon ligament

injuries and more.


PRP Therapy Can Help


Natural Healing: 

Healing can often result in scarring, which affects function. PRP stimulates the body’s natural healing processes so it can avoid the need for any foreign substance, surgery or long term medication use.


Promote Healing:

PRP therapy can help activate and promote healing. The high level of platelets concentration and Growth

Factors stimulates the body’s own natural healing capabilities, restoring normal tissue composition.


Avoid Surgery:

PRP therapy is a more conservative approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries. Unlike surgery, PRP

therapy avoids the possibility of postoperative complication and a prolonged recovery.


What Is The Benefit Of PRP After ShockWave Therapy?

Combination of PRP and ShockWave therapy is beneficial in the following ways:

  • PRP increases neovascularization (the natural formation of new blood vessels).
  • PRP increases collagen deposition.
  • PRP increases neurogenesis (nerve growth).
  • PRP accelerates healing that is triggered by ShockWave therapy.

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