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Cognitive improvements

  • CONCENTRATION & MEMORY - As we age it is typical that we will lose some sort of cognitive function. Most humans will start declining around 60 years of age.  This can be seen with increasing forgetfulness, slowed thinking and impaired learning. Fortunately, research has shown that there are multiple approaches in order to prevent and reverse some cognitive loss. This is a very difficult approach since it is usually multifactorial. This goes from a correcting  hormonal imbalances, adhering to a healthy lifestyle, correcting micronutrients deficiencies and using mental exercises. Our team will do everything in our power to find the correct diagnosis and being able to slow down and in some cases reverse this normal aging process.
  • Once you come to the consultation,  you will be able to sit one on one with the doctor or other member of the team and establish what your baseline is.  We will talk to you and your family if you want them to be part of the process, we will get blood work and a good physical  and mental examination. After these procedures, a very detailed plan will be elaborated for you and tailored to your needs.
  • Cerebrolysin is a combination of small synthetic peptides that travel to the brain and improve cognitive function via multiple neuroprotective (neuron-protecting) and neurotrophic (neuron-growing) mechanisms. It stimulates growth of healthy neurons, improves the efficiency of metabolism within the brain, improves intracellular peptide synthesis, and shields neurons from injury and damage due to free radicals and other waste products.

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