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Excessive Sweating

Sweating  one of the ways that your own body regulates the temperature, if you lose disability you will suffer hyperthermia. Usually they comes from two types of glands that apocrine and eccrine glands. Eccrine glands are scattered all over your body, opening directly onto your skin’s surface. Around hair follicles, mostly in your groin area and armpits, apocrine glands are found.
When these glands get activated they release the sweat which odorless fluid by itself. However. when it interacts with normal bacteria living on your skin, it develops that familiar unpleasant odor.
The condition of hyperhidrosis  wish in other terms means excessive sweating,  usually happens between the ages of 25 to 60 years old. This condition can be an impact on your social relationships,  self-confidence, or simply as unpleasant feeling.

At JativaMD We can help you get rid of some of these glands. There are several methods to be able to help with either the sweat or the smell.
One of the options that we use is the application of  botulinum toxin directly into the skin where these glands  are located. In doing so we are able to decrease the amount of perspiration.  In some other cases we are able to get some antibiotics in order to control this bacterias. 
We often  find people in the practice with excessive sweating in the hands or soles,  without knowing that this is something that he can be controlled.

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