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Skin Care Treatments

Our Facility

What sets us apart, from Wellness Centers, Day Destination, and Medical Esthetic Spas is that we are a Wellness Center & Med Spa, with a maximum capacity of treating six clients at a time. This “Private Club” setup, allows us to offer our clientele an optimal level of service with attention to detail. Our Wellness Professional will develop a customized Wellness and Home Care Protocol for every patient. Our Med Spa will freshly prepare every target product applied in the treatment room, as well as consulting Master Chemists in labs and Herbologist around the world in order to offer our best product recommendations for our consumers. We are an eco-conscious facility for consumers demanding a green lifestyle.


Our Med Wellness Philosophy

Our Med Client specializes in the practice of Nutritional, Alternative, and Functional Medicine. Every member receives, a State of The Arts Wellness Anti-Aging Assessment and result interpretation, by our Med Wellness personnel. These Therapies & Assessments, help to pinpoint the causes and focuses on the origin of the condition, not just alleviating the symptoms.


About Theresa Sabatela

The skin expert, providing your facial services.

As stated in Vogue magazine, Theresa Sabatela brings to Nava over 35 years of eastern and western philosophy in alternative medicine and homeopathic healing cures, which she applies, with a great level of success, in her wellness & med skincare educational division and client practice.

Theresa is a Leader in the Five Star Wellness & Spa Industry, worldwide. She has specialized in Business Development, Education & Consulting for Destination Spas, Medical Wellness Centers, Dermatology, and Plastic Surgery facilities. Her international business travels have taken her to Spas all over the world; in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France, where customers are not only treated but educated in Proper Health and Wellness Lifestyle practices and modifications.


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