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Microneedling Information

Microneedling, also called skin needling is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure used to stimulate collagen. It uses a device that contains fine needles that lightly puncture the skin to create a controlled skin injury. 

Microneedling is used to rejuvenate the face and tighten skin. It can reduce rosacea, reduce milia, reduce acne, eliminate pigmentation spots, smooth skin texture, and bring a youthful glow back to your skin. This cost-effective alternative to lasers is also used to improve scarring, including surgical scars, and acne. 

If you're looking for an effective and permanent solution to create smoother and tighter skin, microneedling might be an option for you.

At Om'echaye we use the Nanopore, a next-generation micro exfoliation technology designed to promote skin health through non-invasive dermatological treatments.

Microneedling Benefits

  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Improve skin scars from acne and surgeries
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Microneedling Approved Areas

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decollete
  • Arms

How Microneedling Works

Microneedling is based on the use of tiny needles to create micro channels (tiny holes) in the skin.  The process stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and in the process produces collagen and elastin.

There is no tissue destruction with micro needling. The small channels in the epidermis close very quickly and the skin begins a healing response right away. Depending on the depth of the skin defect, you may see only redness or you may experience some pinpoint bleeding which stops almost immediately.


Hallandale Microneedling Experts

Our expertise in facial aesthetics and medspa services makes us among the top Microneedling specialists in South Florida. When it comes to your aesthetic goals our practitioners work with you to establish a plan, ensuring that each step taken has an exact purpose to enhance your natural beauty. In the world of facial injections, our practitioners at Om'echaye of Hallandale set the standard.


Microneedling Results

At Om'echaye, we are dedicated to giving you Microneedling results that you will love. 



To schedule an appointment to get the look you love call us at 954.456.6945.



 Benefits of Microneedling

  • Simple injectable product 
  • No surgery involved
  • Natural-looking results
  • Results progress naturally over the course of a few weeks
  • Comfortable process


Microneedling Candidates

At Om'echaye we believe that aesthetic decisions are personal ones. Each person has unique beauty goals for their face and body, at Om'echaye we embrace your personal decisions. 

Generally speaking, some procedures are more appropriate for specific demographics. To find out if Microneedling is appropriate for you, we recommend meeting with our practitioners during a private consultation where you can discuss your unique beauty and aesthetic goals, and develop a personalized plan to achieve them. 

An appointment for a private consultation can be made by calling 954.456.6945.


Preparing for Microneedling Treatments

Prior to your procedure you will be asked to avoid certain medications and herbs which may increase bleeding, and may cause bruising.

Before Microneedling injections, patients are asked to avoid taking the following substances for at least two weeks:

  • Any NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen, Aleve®, Motrin®, Advil®, Aspirin®
  • Coumadin, Garlic, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Glucosamine, Fish Oil, and St. John’s Wort
  • Vitamin E
  • Alcohol

Arrive for your treatment well fed to avoid having to eat or chew for a few hours. This will help the gel to settle exactly where the practitioner has placed it.


Microneedling Procedure

At Om'echaye, all treatments begin with a private consultation to discuss your desired results, expectations, and aesthetic goals.  During the initial consultation, our practitioner in Hallandale will take a brief medical history to ensure there will be no adverse reactions to the product.

Microneedling is performed by a licensed practitioner using a Nanopore stylus. 

The high-speed motor causes the needle penetration to occur very quickly which means it will feel more like a sandpaper sensation than needles. Some patients describe it as similar as the feel of a cat’s tongue. Scar treatments require longer needles which invade “nerve space” and thus, produce more sensation.

To make your experience as comfortable as possible, you’re welcomed to either sit or recline during treatment.

The entire appointment should take less than an hour, including time for a consultation.

Afterwards we will give you a handout of things to do or avoid after your treatments.



After Receiving Microneedling

After your treatment with your Micro Needling treatment with our Nanopore stylus, you’ll likely look as if you have a sunburn following treatment. This can last the rest of the day, to several days or a week depending on treatment depth.  Treat your skin gently and refrain from acid-containing products for a week or longer.

Additionally, we recommend that you not exercise directly following treatment as this will raise blood pressure and interfere with the product settling properly. Other things that can cause bruising and swelling are blood thinners, using a hot tub, sauna or steam room or any heart rate raising activity.

  • Avoid strenuous activities for 8 hours following treatment.
  • Do not lie down for 8 hours following treatment.
  • Do not work out for 8 hours following treatment.
  • Use cold compresses to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid exposure to intense heat (sun lamp or sunbathing) or cold.
  • Reduce the risk of facial cold sore recurrence that could be caused by needle punctures. Talk with your healthcare professional about medications that may minimize the likelihood of an outbreak.
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Any NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen, Aleve®, Motrin®, Advil®, Aspirin® 
  • Avoid St. John’s Wort or high doses of vitamin E supplements for one week after treatment. These agents may increase bruising and bleeding at the injection site.
  • Remember to ask about follow-up appointments.


How Long Does Microneedling Last

As with any facials and skin treatments, the length of time the results last depends on your skin.


How Many Microneedling Treatments Will I Need

Generally patients receive the look they are aiming for in 6 treatments.

As each person’s bodies are unique, and the desired results are different for each patient we recommend coming in for a consultation to determine how many Microneedling treatments it will take to achieve the look you’re looking for. 

At Om'echaye, with offices conveniently located in Hallandale Beach, FL, we are pleased to offer several products to fight visible signs of aging.

Our goal is to work closely with you to assess the condition of your skin and listen carefully to your beauty goals, in order to create a treatment plan that rejuvenates and refreshes your skin, bringing back your youthful glow.

Give us a call today at 954.456.6945.

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