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200hrs Yoga Teacher Training


Monday, September 27th  to Friday, January 28th 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 2pm.


What is the online OMYTT ?

The Om’echaye Yoga teacher training (OMYTT) is an interactive program that is a 200-hour course certified by Yoga Alliance. This multilevel program is designed for everyone, all the way from beginners and more advanced Yoga practitioners. Whether you aspire to become a teacher, to help others, or just to deepen your Yoga practice, the Om'echaye Teacher Training will leave you inspired and deeply transformed.


What style of Yoga?

Our alignment based Yoga style teaches you the fundamentals of Yoga in a way that promotes a mindful, effective and safe practice. We are in love with the method that we teach and we know that we are teaching a powerful tool that can help everyone. In OMYTT the beginner student will find their practice improving and their energy levels rising, while understanding how to calm the mind. On the other hand the advanced student will be challenged to rediscover and retrain their body and their mind, advancing into a deeper state of consciousness and body awareness.


OMYTT Four Heart Pillars:

  1. The Yogic codes of ethics and self discipline (Yamas & Niyamas)
  2. Omechaye signature sequence
  3. The art of teaching from the heart 
  4. The community 


  1. The Yogic code of ethics and self discipline (Yamas and Niyama): We know and love the transformational power of this subject. By understanding these simple tools that come from ancient texts of Yoga we get to know ourselves and the way in which we relate with others and the world. As a group we share our own experiences through the lens of yoga  and get to know and love each other as we are. In this way we create a safe space for spiritual growth.
  2. Our unique Om’echaye yoga signature sequence combines fluid movement with alignment-based poses, promoting positive changes in the awareness of the body through a mindful practice that is safe and balanced. The result of this Yoga class will be a centered state of mind and a blissful heart. We learn to practice and teach this sequence throughout the whole program so when we finish you are ready to teach a class helping and acknowledging everyone level.
  3. The art of teaching from the heart. The greatest gift of OMYTT is that we teach how to find your inner voice. By encouraging and teaching you how to have a self practice, you learn to teach from your own experience cultivating truthfulness and instilling self confidence.
  4. The community: The community that gathers around our Yoga Teacher Training has been one of the most beautiful and unexpected gifts, for all our students. We share something in common, a magical and powerful experience that left us deeply transformed and grateful for the growth. You will  also make new meaningful friendships and  unforgettable memories. Even after the OMYTT program is finished we stay connected keeping the fire of yoga alive.


By training with us you will:

  • Get motivated and empowered to find your voice and your life purpose (Dharma)
  • Move in the path of self-transformation and personal growth
  • Learn the tools to incorporate the practice of Yoga into your daily life
  • Expand your self-knowledge and boost your self-confidence
  • Experience a big improvement in your yoga practice
  • Improve your body awareness and the understanding of the Self
  • Learn to successfully teach the Om’echaye yoga signature sequence
  • How to teach, lead and set up a yoga class in different settings


In this Online Interactive Om'echaye Yoga teacher training you will get:

  • One on one coaching with lead teachers
  • Group support via whatsapp and private FaceBook group
  • Digital manual 
  • Homework and writing assignments
  • The convenience of watching some of the classes at your time
  • Being part of the Om'echaye Yoga teacher training community
  • As tradition goes, we close the YTT course with a trip to Kashi Ashram. This is arguably the highlight of the program according to some of our graduates and teachers! This is a time of sharing experiences, reflecting  and holding space for the graduates as they begin their new journey.


  Why Om’echaye Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Om’echaye promotes an environment for safety and transformation
  • Supported by an uplifting community of like-minded people of the Om’echaye family
  • We hold the space so your practice and teachings can grow
  • Workplace opportunity (We will provide the physical or virtual space so you can practice teaching)  


Our easy-to-understand certified curriculum focuses on:

  • Asana practice (Physical poses)
  • Pranayama practice (Breathing techniques)
  • Meditation Applied yogic philosophy
  • Principles of Teaching: How to be an effective yoga teacher (The use of the voice, pace and observation skills, and hands-on adjustment, among others.)
  • Anatomy for yogis
  • Yoga history
  • Mantra (Sound repetition)
  • Understanding of physical body and energetics (Chakras)
  • Yoga lifestyles
  • Code of ethics
  • & the business of yoga

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Our easy-to-understand  certified curriculum  focuses on:

  • Asana practice (Physical poses)
  • Pranayama practice (Breathing techniques)
  • Meditation
  • Applied yogic philosophy
  • Principles of Teaching: How to be an effective yoga teacher (The use of the voice, pace and observation skills, and hands-on adjustment, among others)
  • Anatomy for yogis
  • Yoga history
  • Mantra (Sound repetition)
  • Understanding of physical body and energetics. (Chakras)
  • Yoga lifestyles
  • Code of ethics
  • & the business of yoga





Who are the lead teachers:

Alexander Cohen E-RYT 500, from Venezuela, is a recognized fitness instructor and personal trainer who has a unique ability to integrate mind, body and spirit in his work. He is an accredited Pilates and Yoga instructor, a massage therapist and a certified personal trainer from the National Strength and Condition Association (NSCA). He graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) becoming a Holistic Health Coach. Through his versatility and creativity Alex has developed different fitness programs like BSFS workout, Cardio F.M., Stability Core Motion and most recently South Beach Pilates which has been presented in Seminars in Europe and South America. Alex holds a CPT certification from NSCA; a Functional Trainer Specialist certification from Carlos Santana in IHP; and a Weight Management Control Specialist certification from International Fitness Institute, among others. In addition he has trained with senior Iygengar yoga teachers. He believes that the three elements of success are the “3 P’s”: Passion, Perseverance and Patience. His personal mission is to positively influence people’s lives through fitness and wellness.

Javier Wilensky E-RYT 500 was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduating from Universidad de Ciencias Economicas y Sociales (UCES) with a BA in Business Administration, Javier moved to Florida to found Om’echaye Wellness and Fitness center.

In 2002 Javier discovered Yoga as a result to a constant quest to improve concentration and release stress; this discipline not only helped him overcome these challenges but also opened the doors to a new spiritual path. Javier has participated in numerous teacher trainings and workshops with leading Yoga Instructors including Rebecca and Dean Lerner, Marina Chaselon, Colleen Gallagher and Faeq Biria.

From the moment Javier became a certified yoga teacher, he has thrived to inspire individuals to be sensitive to the gift of life and be thankful for their body and their challenges. His teachings come from the heart to touch the hearts of others .He believes that we should all be happier persons every day and when adversity crosses our path, yoga is the best tool to overcome it.




This training is not for you if:

Expect to be a yoga teacher overnight

Are not 100 % committed 

Don’t want to be challenged




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