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200hrs Yoga Teacher Training



  • Great experienced teachers
  • Be part of an incredible community
  • A program that fits your lifestyle
  • Make a future career with us
  • All levels welcome


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The Om’echaye Yoga Teacher Training program is a 200-hour course certified by Yoga Alliance. This program is designed for beginner and advanced Yogis. Whether you aspire to become a teacher, to help others, or just to deepen your yoga practice, this program will leave you inspired and deeply transformed.

Dates: April 14th, 2020 - July 17th, 2020

Times: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30am - 2:30pm

A 200hr Practical Yoga Teacher Training with Alex Cohen  

Additional yoga workshops on Saturday included on the tuition.

Yoga Teacher Training:

By participating in our yoga teacher training, we will help you to:

  • Motivate and empower you to find your voice and your life purpose. (Dharma)
  • Support you in the process of self-transformation and personal growth.
  • Incorporate the practice of yoga into your daily life.
  • Expand your knowledge and self-confidence.
  • Experience a quantum leap in your yoga practice.
  • Improve your body awareness and the understanding of the Self.
  • Develop your observation skills and the art of improving students’ yoga practices.
  • Learn how to lead and set up a yoga class.
  • Learn to successfully teach a yoga class with the Om’echaye signature sequence.

Our unique Omechaye yoga signature sequence combines fluid movement with alignment-based poses, promoting positive changes in the awareness of the body thru a mindful practice that is safe and balanced. The result of this yoga class will be a centered state of mind and a blissful heart.

This 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered program will deliver a clear and easy-to-understand curriculum that focuses on:

  • Asana practice. (Physical poses)
  • Pranayama practice. (Breathing techniques)
  • Meditation.
  • Applied yogic philosophy.
  • Principles of practicing yoga: Foundation of the base, press and rebound, dual action, law of compensation and many more.
  • Principles of Teaching: How to be an effective yoga teacher (The use of the voice, pace and observation skills, and hands-on adjustment, among others.)
  • Anatomy for yogis.
  • Yoga history.
  • Mantra. (Sound repetition)
  • Understanding of physical body and energetics. (Chakras)
  • Yoga lifestyles.
  • Code of ethics.
  • & the business of yoga.

Why Om’echaye Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Om’echaye promotes an environment for safety and transformation.
  • Supported community of like-minded practitioners of the Om’echaye yoga community.
  • Our Om’echaye Kitchen supports a healthy yoga lifestyle.
  • We hold the space so your practice and teachings can grow.
  • Our space is open for self practice.
  • Work place opportunity.
  • Supported by AYCY (All You Can Yoga.)
  • Become a AYCY international yoga ambassador.

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Affordable payment plans available! 

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Book Your Free Info Session and Get a Free Yoga Class

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