Postnatal Kundalini

What is postnatal Kundalini?

Postnatal Kundalini is a class for mothers and babies to experience yoga, fun songs and movements, and meditation. The first half of the class is focused on yoga for mom as babies are integrated into each posture. The second half of the class is for the babies to interact with each other through special songs and movements to build self-confidence. The class ends with a short, peaceful meditation.

What are the benefits of postnatal Kundalini?

This class is a time to reconnect with your body and spirit while having fun with your baby. The postures rebuild your strength and nervous system, as well as glandular system. The breathing exercises and meditation will calm your mind and give you more patience and clarity to balance all you do as a new mom. 

Who benefits from postnatal Kundalini?

All moms and babies, from 6 weeks to toddlers, can benefit

Who are the instructors?

Jiwan Kaur

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