Prenatal Kundalini

What is prenatal Kundalini?

Prenatal Kundalini yoga is a sacred science designed to enhance the bond between mother and baby. Each class combines postures, breath, and meditations to prepare mothers to focus on their inner strength, fearlessness, and intuition as they bring their babies into the world.

What are the benefits of prenatal Kundalini?

All postures strengthen not only the physical aspect of the mom to be, but the mental aspect as well. Mediations bring peace and calm, while the breathing techniques bring an inner strength and focus, creating a strong foundation for a conscious, beautiful birthing experience. Babies are more at ease and peaceful because they feel what the mom is feeling.

Who benefits from Kundalini yoga?

All pregnant mothers-to-be can benefit. Classes are safe during all trimesters. Those who are trying to become pregnant are welcome, too.

Who are the instructors?

Jiwan Kaur

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