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A center for complete wellness- spirit and body! Great selection of classes. I have especially enjoyed Zumba, bellydance, Hot yoga, and Kickboxing. Love and Light! *

Om'echaye is not a gym but a fitness refuge. The staff and the Om'echaye family is one who cares for the wellness and betterment of each other. There is no judging at Om'echaye, we are all there for a reason and that's to improve our fitness and better ourselves. The classes are great, I especially love spinning, Zumba, kick boxing and yoga. The staff is also great about providing you with chances to try out the more specialized classes like Pilates Reformer and TRX. Om'echaye also has a great kitchen staff, so if you need a protein shake or want to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the team is there. I'm still an Om'echaye newbie but I decided that being part of Om'echaye is worth it! *

Omechaye has been one of the most important parts of my weight loss. I started at 250 pounds shed 100 and built 30 pounds of muscle. With the addition of diet, the exercises with Alex Cohen and Sue Ellen Page have been amazing. I recently added yoga with Javier Wilensky as recommended by my chiropractor and my lower back pain is gone. Thanks OM love you all! The best place for health, workout,training, food, healing....in the whole WORLD!! This is the best $$ I've ever invested...LOVE you guys! *

As many of you may know, I lost 30 lbs and over 10% of total bodyfat last year... I learned how to prioritize my health at an amazing place called OM'eachye in Hallandale Beach. They offer all kinds of fitness classes, nutritional/cooking classes, vibrational healing sessions, yoga and sooo much more! So i'd like to invite all of you to try it out and begin the year right. *

You have taught me the longer I am awake, the louder the quiet speaks to me. The more I experience and survive, the more I find Truth in the commonalities we all share. The more pain softens me, the deeper my joy and the greater the lessons of those things that live in great stillness. NOW, I want to learn how to kiss an orange, unpeeled and taste the sweet juice. I have been attending OM'echaye yoga studio now for two months. I wanted to thank the OM'echaye staff, instructors and the family participants. My experience has had life changing effects. I know there are no ends, only new beginnings. The retreat at Kashi Ashram was amazing.
Much Love and Admiration. *

I love this place. Zumba classes are amazing. I am getting healthy and it is the most fun. Never thought an exercise place would make my day. *

"No place else lets me get my Yoga on and afterwards refuel and rehydrate at an onsite cafe with healthy and DELICIOUS items to choose from." *

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