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Why should I do yoga while I'm pregnant?

Published April 28th, 2014 by Admin

In a prenatal yoga class, you will practice breathing, stretching, strengthening, and perhaps most importantly, relaxing your body and mind. These exercises will help you to

  • reduce stress

  • increase endurance

  • develop body awareness

  • learn pain-coping techniques

  • sleep more soundly

Acupuncture Treats Migraines and Headaches

Published April 21st, 2014 by Admin

Do you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines? If so, you are not alone. More than 45 million Americans (one in six of the population) suffer from chronic headaches, and 20 million of them are women. Scientific research shows that acupuncture can be more effective than medication in reducing the severity and frequency of chronic headaches.

A Deeper Look into Pilates Reformer

Published April 14th, 2014 by Admin

The innovative exercises developed by popular trainer and gymnast Joseph Pilates focus on strengthening of muscles that help you to maintain a symmetrical and revitalized body. There are two main ways of performing Pilates exercises. The first one is floor exercises on a mat using your body weight and is called Pilates Mat work. The second is using specific pieces Pilates equipments that were designed by Joseph Pilates to assist and resist his students through ranges of motion and get them strong enough so they could do the Pilates Mat work properly. 

The Mainstreaming of Mindfulness Meditation

Published April 7th, 2014 by Admin

Mindfulness appeals to people seeking an antidote to life in work-obsessed, tech-saturated, frantically busy Western culture. There is growing scientific evidence that mindfulness meditation has genuine health benefits — and can even alter the structure of the brain, so the technique is drawing some unlikely devotees. Pentagon leaders are experimenting with mindfulness to make soldiers more resilient, while General Mills has installed a meditation room in every building of its Minneapolis campus. Even tech-obsessed Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are using it as a way to unplug from their hyperconnected lives.

The Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Published March 31st, 2014 by Admin

Those who take the time to study this ancient yoga art understand that there are some specific benefits of becoming adept at practicing Hatha yoga style. One of the main ones stems from one of the pillars of the Hatha style: breathing.

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