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Published May 22nd, 2019 by Ana Lopez

B.K.S Iyengar was the founder of the modern yoga known as "Iyengar Yoga", he was considered the main yoga teacher in the world.

He defined Yoga as "Chitta Vritti Nirodha", Chitta means the consciousness which include the intellect, ego and the mind. Yoga is a method of silencing the vibrations of the Chitta.

There are eight aspects or astanga of yoga:

  • Yama and niyama (The foundation of our practice, without no spiritual progress along the path of yoga can be made)
  • Asanas (Body postures)
  • Pranayama (Formal practice of controlling the breath)
  • Pratyahara (Gaining mastery over external influences)
  • Dharana (Concentration)
  • Dhyana (Profound meditation)
  • Samadhi (State of meditative consciousness)

B.K.S Iyengar with his intellectual and spiritual practices has masterminded the 8 aspects and techniques which can be used by all the practitioners of yoga, making possible for people to achieve perfection through his legacy of practice and knowledge. 

His purpose was to make people see yoga as a way of life that everyone can have when the eight Astanga's are practiced. 

The Iyengar yoga targets core postural muscles (such as the abdominal, hip, and low back muscles and the diaphragm, hamstrings, quadriceps, and buttocks), lengthening and strengthening them through progressively more challenging poses.

A unique feature of Iyengar yoga is the use of Props, those are blocks, pillows, chairs, straps, and bolsters, which will provide support and help the students with their balance, stretch, and achieve perfect alignment in each pose. It also involves performing poses in a specific sequence in order to maximize their beneficial effects. The poses can be done standing, seated, or lying and may involve bends, twists, or inversions.


Shirodhara at Om'echaye

Published May 18th, 2019 by Ana Lopez

One of the most effective treatments found in Ayurveda for relaxation is Shirodhara, it consist on a warm, steady stream of oil poured carefully on the forehead for about 30 to 40 minutes, giving the sensation of peace, being very helpful to experience meditative states. But besides from this there are different physical benefits you can expect from this treatment;

Stress Relief: It can help to manage symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, headache (cause by tension and worry) and even Post Traumatic Stress as it helps to regulates moods and give a feeling of pleasure and, as mention before, relaxation. By controlling the mind factor you will witness body results, when we find ourselves in a good mental state our immune system will be benefit from it, so your constitution will get stronger.

Insomnia: Different research has proven that this particular treatment alone and also when it´s combine with herbal supplements is very effective when treating sleep disorders, this process stimulates the pineal gland which is the responsible for producing melanin (what we know as the regulator for the cycle of sleep), it also establish the harmony between the Doshas.

Hypertension: People suffering from High Blood Pressure can have amazing results from the Shirodhara, which combine with the guidance from your Ayurvedic Specialist can lead you to a better life.

Found about more benefits and Ayurvedic treatments at Om'echaye, visit our website for more information and book your appointment with us! 

What you need to know about Celery Juice

Published May 14th, 2019 by Ana Lopez

We've seen the latest trend on health, the celery juice, everyone is talking about it but why and how you should drink it?

First of all you need to take off the pulp and fiber, if you leave it on the juice it will slow down the process of having the nutrients from it.

So it will all come down to what are you using the Celery Juice for, truth be told it looks like it has almost magic powers.

From testimonies about helping to detox the body from drug addictions, purging the liver of toxins to heal Chronic Acid Reflux and several digestive ailments it looks like this is the ultimate cure for many ailments.

Why? Because it builds up the bile salts that serve in killing off the pathogens causing the condition on the first place.

This clusters salts in celery juice also removes the toxins created by pathogens by binding onto them and pulling them out of the intestinal tract.

It has been seen to stabilized blood pressure because of its natural sodium source, this will bring it down when it´s too high and high when it´s too low. Also because of it´s high amounts of calcium and silicon it can aid in the repair of damaged ligaments and bones. 

This and so much more can be found as a benefit from one simple vegetable

So now the question is, When is the best time to drink Celery Juice? A recommendation from #1 NY Times Best selling Author Anthony William A.K.A Medical Medium explains that we should drink on an empty stomach every morning before food, when you do this is will help you to digest everything else you consume over the day. 

And if you´re not able to consume it first thing in the morning then drink it after 15 or 30 minutes after eating a small snack or 2 hours after eating a heavy meal.

But how long does it take to start seeing results? It will always depend on what condition the person is in. Almost everyone feels benefits of some kind in their first week of drinking celery juice in the right amount and in the right way daily. If someone is dealing with weight issues, if they have a lot of putrefied and rancid fats in their colon or bacteria in their intestinal track it will affect the healing timeline, also factors such as stress and habits. But must people do feel a difference rather quickly, the most important thing to know is that even if someone doesn't see or feel the benefits of drinking celery juice quickly, it doesn't mean the benefits aren't happening 

So ask for you celery juice at Om'echaye and Bottoms UP for a new and healthier you!

9 Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health Today

Published May 10th, 2019 by Ana Lopez

What we understand for "Mental Health" is more than a diagnosis, It´s the psychological well-being, meaning it will involve the way you feel about yourself and others, your ability to manage your feelings and how you deal with difficulties. 

While taking care of your mental health can lead you to seek for professional support it also means taking steps to improve it by yourself. A recent research by the non-profit organization that works to destigmatize and transform mental health by addressing real-life issues that challenge the emotional health of women, men and their families "The Seleni Institute" established 9 Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health Today:

1. Tell yourself something positive: What we think about ourselves has a powerful effect on how we feel, You can practice this by using words that promote feelings of self-worth and personal power. The best way to start doing this is to have a daily remainder to yourself every day that you´re trying your best.

2. Write down something you´re grateful for: Gratitude has been linked to improve well-being, mental health and happiness. With the regular practice of writing down what you are grateful for you´ll find long term benefits.

3. Focus on one thing (in the moment): Being mindful of the present moment will allow us to let go of the negative of difficult emotions from the past, bring awareness to your daily routine and when your mind wanders, just bring it back to what you are doing.

4. Exercise: Your body releases stress-relieving and mood-boosting endorphins before and after you workout, which is why it is a powerful tool to deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

5. Eat a good meal: You are what you eat, and that will nourishes or damage your body, including your brain. Carbohydrates in moderate amounts will increase serotonin, a chemical that has a calming effect on the body, on the other hand protein foods will increase norepinephrine, dopamine and tyrosine, this will help you to stay alert, and fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients that feed every cell of your body.

6. Open up to someone: Being more trusting can increase your emotional well-being because as you get better at finding the positive aspects in other people, you will become better at recognizing your own.

7. Do something for someone else: Being helpful, kind (and valued for what you do) is an amazing way to build you self-esteem, by finding the meaning of helping others you will enrich and expand your life.

8. Take a break: Listen to your body and your heart, step away when you need a break from a stressful situation, if you can´t take a time off the best solution is to do a breathing exercise.

9. Go to bed on time: Sleep deprivation has a tremendous negative effect on your mood, practice good habits when you go to bed each day, use your bed only for sleeping or relaxation activities and try to shut down any screen one hour before sleeping.

Source: The Seleni Institute.

Power Plate for Seniors

Published May 3rd, 2019 by Ana Lopez

The fitness world is always evolving, and as it happens there's a huge amount of information on the media that we can either get a benefit from it or not. With so much flow of different statements made by amateurs and professionals we asked our Instructor Sue Ellen Page a few questions: 

1. Is Power Plate save for Seniors?:

"Vibration Training is great for senior citizens. After there is a medical clearance of working out, the elderly greatly benefit from Power Plate. The de-conditioned elderly and those with Parkinson's Disease, as noted by the American Council on exercise, may have positive results in terms of strength and stability by participating in vibration training."

2. Why choose Power Plate?:

"Power Plate stimulates Muscle Growth which improves bone density.

It also helps in improving flexibility in tight muscles and strengthening the weak ones.

By correcting this unbalances ranges of motions on joints increases"

3. What do you think are the most important reasons for seniors to workout?:

"For me, there are three main reasons: Decreases risk of falls, Improve cognitive function,

Regular physical activity can help prevent or regulate many comments disease, such as heart disease and diabetes"

4. What do you think that it would be a perfect complement for power plate training sessions?:

"Yoga, for flexibility. Zumba for cardiovascular and fun"


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