Why a Yoga Teacher Training

Published July 13th, 2023 by Omechayeadmin

Many individuals often associate yoga teacher training with solely becoming a teacher. However, the truth is that yoga teacher training is a transformative process that involves finding your inner voice and expressing it through words and actions, with the beautiful aim of inspiring both yourself and others.

The journey of becoming a yoga teacher encompasses much more than simply acquiring knowledge. In the autobiography of a yogi, there is a powerful quote that states, "Wisdom is knowledge understood with every cell of your body." In our yoga teacher training program, we prioritize experiential learning, allowing you to gain profound insights.

As a prospective yoga teacher, you will engage in various experiences, including the practice of poses, meditation, breathing techniques, and the application of yogic philosophy to everyday life. As you delve deeper into the process of self-discovery, you will witness the interconnectedness of all things, as yoga philosophy permeates your yoga practice. Whether it's assuming a yoga pose or focusing on your breath, the philosophy and practice become intertwined.

Even if your ultimate goal isn't solely to teach, undergoing a yoga teacher training experience will profoundly change your life, enriching it in countless ways. It will empower you to enhance your relationships—with yourself, others, your work, and your family. It equips you with tools to continually transform and better understand yourself. Ultimately, you will become a teacher of life, embodying the teachings through the most powerful tool: living a life worth living.

If you do end up teaching or if you are already a teacher, that's wonderful. You will have the opportunity to share from your own experiences. In our teacher training, we emphasize the art of teaching from the heart.

By applying the tools provided in the yoga teacher training, you will internalize them, knowing yoga by heart. You will embody the science of life and become a true yogi—a living example of the teachings.

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