Unveiling the Path to Lasting Love with YOGA: Watching Your Ego to Save Your Marriage

Published July 13th, 2023 by Omechayeadmin


This blog is born out of my personal experiences within marriage, navigating the challenges of balancing work, both for myself and my wife, coping with fatigue, and cherishing the limited moments we have to connect amidst the demands of our beautiful yet sometimes overwhelming life with children.

I engaged in a  conversation with my dear friends about the responsibilities we face as parents, and it began with a lighthearted joke:

Me: You know, when parents go through a divorce and the kids feel like they are the reason behind it.

Them: Yes.

Me: Well, in a way, they're right. As kids constantly seek their mother's attention, we husbands often feel sidelined or overlooked.

Of course, I understand that this is meant as a joke, and I know it can be a controversial topic. But, like many jokes, there is often some truth behind them. In this case, it points to the unspoken competition for a mother's attention. Before we had kids, I had all of my wife's attention. But now, with young children in the picture, there is a natural and undeniable "competition" for her focus that I'm not meant to win or even engage in. The attention and priority rightfully belong to our kids.

As husbands, we often find ourselves accepting whatever remains of our wives' attention at the end of the day, once the kids have gone to sleep and they are exhausted. We're fortunate if we can have even a brief 5-minute conversation. This situation triggers our ego, leaving us feeling unloved and neglated.

Having personally experienced this, I believe that yoga philosophy can shed light on our relationships. The goals of this blog are:

1. To raise awareness among husbands and wives when they find themselves trapped in a cycle of feeling neglected or unappreciated. By recognizing these patterns, we can shift towards a more positive and uplifting thought process, creating space for our loved ones to also reflect.

2. To help both husbands and wives understand each other's experiences. For husbands, it may be the feeling of being relegated, while wives may experience exhaustion and a lack of appreciation.

3. To emphasize that this challenging phase will eventually pass. By releasing unhelpful patterns and making the most of the limited time we have together as a couple or a family, we can make those moments more meaningful.

Through the wisdom of yoga philosophy, we can navigate these dynamics, fostering a deeper connection and a renewed sense of love and appreciation within our marriages.

In the ancient wisdom of the yoga sutras, profound insights are revealed about the causes of suffering within the mind—the kleshas. Among these causes, Ignorance stands as the foundational root from which all others spring forth. However, it is the subsequent exploration of the EGO that truly holds the key to unlocking our awareness and moving towards a state of love and oneness. Ignorance comes first because without knowledge the awareness of the ego is impossible, my goal as a yoga teacher is to give the knowledge so you can see. So you can see your Ego, your attachments, your aversions and your fears. 

Understanding the Ego's Role:

The ego, often elusive and deceptive, plays a significant role in shaping our thoughts, actions, and relationships. Without truly comprehending the workings of our ego, we remain trapped in a cycle of ignorance, perpetuating false perceptions and creating separation within our marriages. By becoming deeply aware of our inner processes and acknowledging the ego within ourselves, we can unravel the intricate web of illusions that push us further away from the pure, loving essence of our families.

Shifting Towards Appreciation:

Watching our egos entails releasing the grip of false perceptions and embracing a profound space of appreciation. It is a realization that the illusion of not being loved is merely a veil, distorting the truth of the love that surrounds us. As we awaken to this reality, we open ourselves to the healing and nourishment that our marriages and, above all, ourselves truly deserve.

Embarking on the Journey of Self-Discovery:

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Enriching Your Existence:

This immersive experience will empower you to transcend the ego, dissolve the barriers that separate you from your partner, and create a marriage filled with harmony, understanding, and boundless love. Embrace the journey of self-discovery, healing, and love, and witness the transformative power it holds not only for your marriage but also for your entire existence.

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