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I throughly enjoyed the motivation from the trainers and the invaluable knowledge from Sue Ellen about food intake. *

Jiwan Kaur’s practice of Kundalini Yoga is indeed a rare gift to South Florida. Her classes gently harness the powerful energy of Kundalini Yoga, her students are often left with experiences of connectedness, peace, and elevation. Jiwan’s realization of Kundalini authentically integrates the spiritual with the everyday, and no matter what your beliefs are, or stage of a formal practice you are within, you will leave feeling that Yoga truly is Union with the Divine.As a practitioner, I cherish the warmth, safety, and unconditional nature of Jiwan’s classes and teachings alike. Jiwan is truly an embodiment of Grace. With Love and Gratitude. *

I loved the Fat Burning Challenge Group Sessions!!! The insight from the trainers and the experience from Susan Farkas; it was enlightening. *

The fat Burning Challenge Experience was wonderful and unique. I liked the idea of a motivation group; workout combined with healthy food habits. You really feel the commitment and the passion everybody at OM'echaye has to help you. Thank you!! *

This were the most amazing Yoga experiences I have ever had! I am new to Yoga and was worried that I would not be able to keep up with the class. Thanks OM'echaye! *

I found this slice of heaven through an offer on Groupon. Great variety of classes in Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Zumba, and more! But so much more.... Store, Restaurant, facials, massages. *

I just wanted to say thank you for your class that truly gave me tools and an inner strength to trust my body and find that inner peace. I truly felt so connected to God and all mothers. It was truly a beautiful gift from above to find your class and be blessed with my beautiful birth and baby! I hope your class continues to bring peace and harmony to all mothers and babies. *

I have been to 2 classes... I found the atmosphere to be energizing, friendly, healthy and mellow all at once. Clean, new and they even have a small cafe serving healthy food! Check it out! *

Dearin's Body Blast class at 9:00am Sunday morning is a blast! Great class, great instructor, well worth getting up early on Sunday morning to blast your body into better shape! *

OMGosh! I am in LOVE with the Mitana class, amazing bootcamp workout while dancing and we even get to do some musical songs!!! I totally recommend this class to everybody and Please please get more classes, I want to do this every day! *

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