Love Yourself

Published March 13th, 2023 by Omechayeadmin

Love yourself - 

One of the most imperative components of life is self-care.  

We become so involved with schedules, events, and deadlines, that sometimes we forget to simply BREATHE.  How many times a day are you aware that you are breathing, that you are inhabiting this sacred body and actually living?

Feel your energy and become conscious of the sensations in your body in the present moment. When you walk outside, don’t hesitate to feel the breeze caressing your face and flow into your hair.  At sunset, take a stroll in a park and appreciate the pink, purple and orange strokes painted across the sky. In the evenings, gaze into the starry nights and wonder about the infinite possibilities the Universe has given you and has to offer you. 

Transparency is key; allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling, 

and don’t hide it.  You are light and your are radiating love.

Understand that it is all connected: your gifts, circumstances, purpose, your journey and your destiny.  It is molding you little by little.  Make space for these positive notions coming your way and embrace it.  

Love yourself enough to cleanse your thoughts and soon you will blossom. 

Create ripples of positivity by: meditating, practicing yoga, exercising, communicate to the Universe what you want and the Universe will respond.  Fall in love with the person you are becoming. Some people merely exist; always remember that you are here to LIVE.

Om’echaye is a wonderful place to share the love and a place to go to when you want to love yourself.  One highly recommended step to take to center yourself is to dive into the depths of Sound Healing.  This ancient process uses the power of sound to restore one’s mind.  You will feel a soothing and harmonic vibration sensation from the instruments which promote healing and well-being to the receiver.  Magali Wilensky will deliver an intriguing serenade of sounds and you will finish the session feeling incredibly refreshed and alive.

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